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Green Education

A green place to work is a clean, safe environment, organized with people in mind. This modern concept agrees with the Montessori philosophy which emphasizes the importance of the child's environment, and our responsibility as educators to create it. Green education at TLN encompasses all of our surroundings: classrooms, dining areas, playground and gardens.

The Learning Nest environment is beautiful, promotes healthy options, and provides for an abundance of nature. This is the place where your child plays and works and must allow ample opportunities to interact with natural elements and have hands-on experiences caring for plants and animals. This exposure inspires our students to value and respect all living creatures. In this way children are not only engaged in the activities directly, but more significantly, will begin to take a more active role in the protection and promotion of a healthy planet.

Maria Montessori believed that child can expand a global vision when they develop a gratitude for the universe and their love of it. They become aware that they have received many gifts with every living thing around us while developing appreciation and respect for them.

Plant care, flower arranging and care of the animals bring nature to the indoor environment. Outdoors, children explore and discover among the plants, animals and open spaces. They are able to garden, collect and identify leaves, label plants, learn the parts of the plant, study cloud formations, even find geometric shapes and shadows. The natural environment becomes an extension of the classroom, and the children delight in making connections between the two. Care of the outdoor environment and of growing things promotes mental as well as physical development. Working outside provides children with new levels of responsibility and independence.

The Learning Nest will take part of the Green Education with the following actions:  
•    Energy efficiency awareness
•    Water efficiency awareness
•    Free of indoor air pollutants
•    Use of natural light
•    Use of recycled products in classrooms
•    Recycled paper products for bathrooms and kitchen
•    Limit use of paper (recycled)
•    Use of uniforms
•    Online newsletters and information for parents
•    Recycling garbage
•    Gardening
•    Plants: natural filters that absorb air pollution and computer radiation while replenishing oxygen levels.
•    Organic, natural and environmental-friendly cleaning products.
•    Some of our recycling products will be used for our art projects.